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Bodily robot human interaction research

Research  in bodily interaction with robots

Is becoming relevant as robotics and robot applications are graduating from doing work for people, to doing work on peope, and finally, doing work with people.

When robots enter the human domain as partners in assisted living, physical training, household chores, production or even social applications, forceful physical interactrion become a part of both the robot control, and the way humans relate to and interact with robots.

Research in this field is still relatively spase, compared to research in audio-visual and tactile interaction, and our purpose is to promote further research and focus on this highly trans-diciplinary field of study.

Bodily robot human interaction

Promoting research on how robots and humans can physically interact

This forum is founded by:

University of Southern Denmark:

- Anders S. Sørensen

- Gitte Rasmussen

University of Karlstad

- Jorge Solis

In order to promote this new field

Upcoming Events

HRI-2019 11-14. march 2019

The 14th Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction

Full day workshop :

Bodily Human Robot Interaction

Submission deadline: february 1.  2019